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Beloved Osho
Do you know who I am?

No Sir , not at all. Because you are not. You are an emptiness - anatta. No Sir. On the surface you may be somebody, but I am not concerned with you surface. In the deepest core you are simply a nobodiness, not even a nobody - nobodiness. How can I know you?
And that`s the beaty, because if I can know you I have definded you, I have made you limited by my knowledge. If you can be known, immediately you become an object, you are no more a consciousness. If you can be known cannot be infinite, and you are - infinite in your emptiness.
How can I know you? Even you yourself cannot know. There exists nothing like self-knowledge. When you come to realize it, it´s a no-self-knowledge. When you come to settle with it, suddenly you become aware that the knower and the known have disappeared - there ist only emptiness, a vast space, with no beginning, no end - an infinity. That´s what you are - how can it be known.?

There ist no possibility of knowledge. And it is good that you cannot be known, otherwise science will know you, and once known you are an object, a thing. Then the mystery is lost. That"s why I say again und again that science will never be able to know the innermost core of being, because the innermost core is a non-being. Aou are just like an onion - go an peeling the layers, go on prrling the layers; a new layer comes, another new lyer, a new laywr comes, another new layer, onother nwe layer, and then suddenly the whole is gone: emtiness in the hands.
That ist you.
But thisemtiness is not negativ, so don"t misunderstand me. The very word emtiness lokks like an absence of something. No, it is not. It is a presence of something infinite. It is not absence, ist is not negative, ist is not like darkness; it is a positive phenomenon. You are a no-self. This positivity has to be remembered because the word emtiness may give you a wrong notion about it, you may think it is simply emty. I am not saying that there is absence of something - no. It is emtiness, it is the very emtiness, ist is emtiness itself. Emtiness ist being used as a positiv term, when it is positive it is totalls different.

You have known emptiness only in an nagative way. You go into the room, there is no funiture and you say the room ist emty, thee is nothing. You come out and if I ask you what you saw in the room you will say ist is empty - no funiture, no pictures on the walls, nothing - just empty. You went into the room but you saw only the negative part. The room is filled with roominess that you didnt`t encounter. A romm is emtiness, a room means space. Something can be brought in because there is room, ther is emtiness. The funiture can be brought in - there is space. You have not seen it that way. Otherwise you would habe come and told me that the room is complete, there is nothing, only emtiness exists and the room ist ready to receive anything - it has space. Then you habe looked at the positive emtiness.
Look at the sky. The sky is a positive emtiness when there are no clouds. If you look at the sky as an absence of clouds then you are looking at it from a negative standpoint. If you look at ist as the presence of space, the blue emtiness, and lut of that blue emtiness everything has arisen, then it cannot be negative. It is the most positive thing in the world, the very ground of being. Non-being ist the very ground of beeing. everything has come out of it and everything by and by moves back into it. You are born out of it and you will die into it.
How can I know you? Knowledge will become a definition and you are indefinable. No, I don"t know you. I don"t know myself.
I would like to tell you one anecdote. It happened, and I love it, and I have told it so many times, million of times, but whenever I remember it again it is so new and so fresh.

Bodhidharma went to China - the man who varried Buddha"s emtiness in his hands. Bodhidharma carried the essential Buddhism to Chine for the greatest phenomenon to happen there. Because of Bodhidharma, Lao Tzu"s whole standpoint - the Lao Tzuan way of life - and Buddhs"s realization met, and on of the most beatiful things was born. Nothing like it exists anywhere in the world - that is Zen.
Zen is a meeting, a crossing between Buddha and Lao Tzu. Bodhidharma was the midwife who caried the seed to the womb of Lao Tzu.
When he reaches China he was a very famous mystic, his name was known all over the East. When he reached China the emperor himself came to receive him on the border. The emperor asked a few questions. He asked,"I have made many Buddhist temples - thousands. What punya, what virtue habe I gained?

A absolute Tao

Flucht vor dem Schatten

Es war einmal ein Mann, der durch seinen eigenen Schatten beunruhigt war, und ungehalten über seine eigenen Fußspuren. Er enschloss sich von beidem zu trennen.

Das einzigste was ihm dazu einfiel, war weg zu laufen. So stand er auf und rannte.

Aber jedes Mal, wenn er seinen Fuß aufsetzte, war da eine andere Fußspur, derweilen folgte ihm sein Schatten mühelos.

Er erkannte seinen Fehler als die Tatsache, daß er nicht schnell genug rannte. So rannte er noch schneller und schneller, ohne anzuhalten, bis er schließlich tot umfiel.

Er verfehlte zu erkennen, daß er einfach nur in den Schatten treten mußte, dann würden seine Schatten verschwinden. Wenn er sich hingesetzt hätte und still dabei gewesen wäre, dann gäbe es keine Fußspuren mehr.

Chunag Tzu

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