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Will there be any beings in the future period,
in the last time, in the last epoch, in the last five hundred years, at the time of the collapse of the good doctrine who, when these words of the sutra are beeing taught, will understand their truth? The Lord replied: Do not speak thus, Subhuti! Yes, even then there will be beings who, when these words of the sutra are being taught, will understand their truth. For even at that time, Subuthi, there will be bodhisattvas.
..And these bodhisattvas, Subuthi, will not be such as have honored only one single Buddha, nor such as have planted their roots of merit under one single Buddha only. An the contrary, Subuthi, those Bodhisattvas who, when these words of the sutra beeing thaught, will find even one single thought of serene faith, will be such as have honered many hundreds of thousands of Buddhas, such as have planted their roots of merit under many hundreds of thousands of Buddhas.

Know they are, Subuthi, to the Tathabata throug his Buddha-cognition. Seen they are, Subuthi, by the Tathagata with his Buddha-eye, fully known they are,Subuthi, to the Tathagata.
And they all, Subuthi, will beget and acquire an immerasurable and incalculable heap of merit.

Buddha ist talking about you. The sutra is being red to you. Twenty-five centuries have passed. Subhuti has asked about you! 

The other day I had told you that many of you will become bodhisattvas, many of you are on the way. It is strange that Subhuti should ask such a question. And more strange is that Buddha said:"Those people after twenty-five centuries will not be lesse fortunate than you but will be more fortunate.#


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